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Superior Honda Tips for Students Buying a Car

**Disclaimer: Thank you Superior Honda for sponsoring this post. Although I have received compensation for this post, all opinions are 100% my own.**

My friend, Superior Honda offers new and used cars in the New Orleans area. I think we have already established my love for NOLA. At their dealership one of the most common questions people ask is about affording a car. Of course they have many financing options available, however, for those of you that are students, financing may not be something you want to do at this time because buying or leasing a car while in school can be a big deal. With student loans, money for housing and the expensive textbooks, buying a used car could seem out of the picture. With the right saving strategies, and knowing insurance prices, you may be surprised at what you can actually afford even while being a student.

used cars new Orleans

Try these tips from Superior Honda to save for a used car in New Orleans.

First you need to start out by figuring out how much you actually need to save to be able to afford the car you want. Don’t pick a car that is too expensive, because you will put yourself through unneeded stresses. Pick one that you will reasonably be able to afford. That is why saving for a used car is a great place to start, and at Superior Honda, they have a lot of used cars in New Orleans on site that can be perfect for your budget.

Once you know how much your car is going to cost, you need to calculate how much you need to pay down if you need to pay any down. This down payment is essential, because even though you plan to save enough over time to afford the car, the more you are able to put down at the beginning, the lower the overall price the car can be.

So saving up and being able to put more down at the beginning is a great method to make your car just a bit more affordable.

used cars new Orleans

The third thing to do is to set your timeline. How much are you able to save per month, and how many months of savings would you need to be able to afford the first down payment.

Once your timeline is set,  you can figure out if your monthly savings are enough.

The next step is actually saving. As a student and even as a full time worker, I know that saving can be tough. A great way to do this is to list out all of your weekly expenses and cut out one expense each week. Maybe WE don’t need to go out to dinner three times a week. HELLO SOMEBODY! MAYBE I need to skip that coffee drink. Limiting one extra expense per week will add up and help you afford a car.

Instead of spending that money, put it aside and save each week.

Finally, talk with your car dealership and see if they can give you a deal for being a student. You can negotiate by saying that your insurance rates will be higher and that helping you out with a bit of a lower car payment would give you much stronger incentive to buy.

Keep in mind, used cars can often be easier to negotiate on than a new one.

Dealership financing offers much more convenience and often, more financing options. Sometimes, car dealerships even have special deals going on with financing because they are trying to push certain models out. Loans can last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years, so depending on your income and growth potential, you can choose the best option for you.

Remember, financing is here to help relieve the stress of saving for a car right now.

Superior Honda is there when looking for a new or used car in New Orleans. Serving the greater New Orleans area, they are one of the most trusted dealerships of new and used cars in town. Check out their online inventory or give them a call at 504-717-2157 to learn more today!

used cars new Orleans

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