Road Trip to the Jalapeno Tree

When life throws you limes, you make margaritas?

Sunday brought some limes and lemons to my life so what did I do on Monday? I went on a mini road trip and had a margarita. Before we left, I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew I was up for an adventure. I left the planning up to a friend, and to my delight, we went to the Jalapeno Tree Mexican Restaurant on Longview, TX.




The Jalapeno Tree is a chain “Mexican” (it’s more Tex-Mex) restaurant with about 15 locations in East Texas. The Longview location was large, vibrant, and as spicy as a restaurant with jalapeno in the name could be. Festive large murals filled the walls, including a giant one of Elvis in the banquet room. If that isn’t “spicy”, I don’t know what is. Red, green, and blue clothes were on the table and everywhere you looked there were fluorescent lights and signs. I can see why people would frequent the Jalapeno Tree. The atmosphere alone screamed fun.jalapeno-tree-green-sauce

When we were seated at our table, a server brought over chips, salsa, and a mystery “green sauce”. I asked the server what type of sauce it was and she said “green and good”. She wasn’t lying either. It was creamy, not too spicy, flavorful, and yum. That sauce was so good, I ordered a small one to go. I Googled “Jalapeno Tree green sauce” and found several copycat recipes that include avocado which would explain the smoothness, garlic, and other spices.


Like any good Muse of Cuisine and Libation would do, I perused the drink menu and decided on a prickly pear margarita and my friend ordered some blue drink. My drink was a tad sweet for me, but it wasn’t bad. Yet again, Jalapeno Tree decided to drop in some “fun” by way of some wacky straws in our drinks.



For our meal we decided to share a large Deluxe Chicken and Beef Nachos which came with beans, sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos, tomatoes, cheese, and more cheese. People! This was a mound of ooey, gooey, yet crunchy deliciousness. I never really go for nachos in restaurants because the chips always end up soggy, but this wasn’t the case here. Even though these were covered with cheese, meat, and beans, they remained crunchy. This was some type of black magic going on in the Jalapeno Tree. We weren’t able to finish all of them because we didn’t wear our #FattyNotFoodie pants that day.

Throughout our visit, our server checked on us to make sure we had water, chips, etc. She came by just enough to not make us miss her and then not enough for us to think she was overbearing. Can we take a moment here to discuss those servers that come over soooooooooooooo much that you want to tell them to go away? This server wasn’t like that and I truly appreciated that.


Overall lunch was great and I will definitely go back to the Jalapeno Tree.

Have you been to a Jalapeno Tree before?

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