red herring escape room

Red Herring Escape Rooms in Shreveport

We’ve all heard about the escape room phenomenon that is sweeping across the country. You’re locked in a room. Clues are hidden in the room for your escape. You have 60 minutes to figure it out.


Sounds interesting right? Well guess what?!? Shreveport now has our very own and they open Thursday! Welcome Red Herring Escape Rooms to Shreveport!

red herring escape room

Red Herring Escape Rooms is Shreveport’s first escape room experience created by Sean Edwards and siblings. Located at 3616 Youree Drive, the facility aims to provide unplugged entertainment for visitors ages 10 and up. Edwards and his siblings noticed a lack of unique entertainment options in our area and decided to do something about it. Now guests ages 10 and up can go, unplug for an hour, and get to thinking.

Currently, Red Herring guests will be able to take A Trip to the Asylum.

red herring asylum

“The year is 1963. Your therapist has suggested that you check into Broadmoor Asylum for a few days, to get some much needed rest. However, upon check-in, you get the feeling that not everything is on the up and up… A nurse shows you to the director’s office for an initial evaluation, but he’s currently out. Can you figure out what’s going on and alert the authorities before he comes back?”

More rooms will be unveiled soon including Fisherman’s Catch.

red herring fisherman

“Your uncle had always boasted of an old pirate’s trove he had found. You never paid him much attention, but now that he’s left the treasure to you in his will, it might be worth an hour of your time to investigate.”

The cost of the adventure is $24/person and at least two people are needed. I can’t wait to check this out! Who’s in?

Have you heard of escape rooms before?

Red Herring Escape Rooms
3616 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA 71105

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  • LaToya Amos July 13, 2016 09.31 am

    That is so cool that we have the escape rooms here in Shreveport I was just watching T.I. and Tiny yesterday morning and they showed the episode where he took the kids to the one in Atlanta and I thought how neat but mind boggling that would be to do something like that.

  • Katy Larsen July 13, 2016 12.49 pm

    This sounds so exciting! Thanks for sharing.

  • Charlene @ Sporadic Obsessions September 14, 2016 09.51 am

    I recently went to an escape room in Fort Lauderdale it was a lot of fun and our group beat the clock and won! If you haven’t done it already you should definitely give it a try.


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