Prepared Nutrition? Say What?!

As you all see often, I eat some pretty ridiculous food. When I say ridiculous, I don’t mean Andrew Zimmern, mountain oysters type of food. I mean rich, full of fat, yummy deliciousness type of food from maple bacon cupcakes and shrimp and roast beef po boys to all you can eat catfish and buttery cheesy bread. THAT is the type of ridiculousness that I’m talking about. It’s all so delicious, but if not eaten in moderation can be so bad for me.

#MysteryChef Meal

#MysteryChef Meal

I always try and find a balance with what I eat so at times you will see my #MysteryChef vegetarian dishes and other lighter meals so that I can stick around this place a little longer. My #MysteryChef has such a hectic schedule that when combined with mine, I don’t get to experience those meals that often so I need a substitution and I do believe that I have found it.

Insert Prepared Nutrition!

Prepared Nutrition and Drake Catering

Founder Jacob Guerra has teamed up with Blake Jackson with Drake Catering to produce some “deliciously healthy” meals.

Let us take a break right here to discuss Jacob. Have y’all seen him?

Jacob Guerra Prepared Nutrition

*humming* Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Ok back to the subject at hand.

Each meal is prepared, portioned and only needs warming up in the microwave or oven then it is ready to go. They are low sodium, low (healthy) carbs, low sugar & high in protein. So I know I just lost some of you right there. Normally when we hear healthy, low sodium and low sugar we immediately think flavorless, disgusting food. Yep I think that as well but to my surprise my Prepared Nutrition meals were extremely flavorful and really good.

Prepared Nutrition Meals

I picked up the Roasted Pork Medallions w/Ruby Red BBQ Sauce, Balsamic Chicken, Mediterranean Tilapia, and Chipotle Chicken from Drake Catering. When I got home, I examined each meal which included me picking it up, looking at it closely, smelling it and all sorts of stuff. My son came into the kitchen and said “Mama what are you doing?!” to which I responded “WORKING! Get out my business!” LOL!

Prepared Nutrition Tilapia

After examining everything, I decided to try the Tilapia first and I’m glad I did. The Mediterranean Tilapia was a filet of tilapia with oregano, thyme, a hint of lemon and sea salt. It was served over some asparagus, tomato and peppers. I popped the container without the lid into the oven and 12 minutes later I was chowing down. As I sit here and type this to you all, I am thinking about how good it was.

Over the next few days I ate all of the other meals and they were all good, but the tilapia was the standout meal for me.

The brains behind Prepared Nutrition are committed to providing a solution to many people’s problems. They are either too busy to cook and eat healthy or they don’t know how to cook and eat healthy. Jacob and Blake have solved all of that and even more.

So here is how it works:

You visit and see what’s on the menu. All orders must be submitted before Wednesday evening to get your meals the following week.

Drake Catering
You can choose if you want to pick up your meals from Drake Catering or have them delivered to you.

The prices are 5 Meals/Week $50, 10 Meals/Week $89, 15 Meals/Week $129, 20 Meals/Week $160.

Let’s look at the 5 meals/week at $50 plan. You probably looked at the picture and said “That’s not $10 worth of food” and you are absolutely correct. Food alone that is not $10 HOWEVER it is indeed worth $10. This is where you have to put a price on your time and availability. I don’t know about y’all but my time is EXTREMELY valuable and it’s rarely available for cooking. If you look at it that way, these price points are really a good deal.

My overall thoughts on Prepared Nutrition? Good food, very convenient, good price, good service. Don’t just take my word for it though. Contact them and try for yourself.

Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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