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Parish Taceaux – The Perfect Meal

If you are a Shreveport-Bossier resident and you haven’t heard of Parish Taceaux, something is wrong. Not only did I tell you about it here, it seems to be the “talk of Downtown”. I can’t count the amount of conversations I’ve had or overheard that began with “Have you tried Parish Taceaux?”. I’ve been there a few times and now I can confidently steer you in the right direction of what to order.

parish taceaux all

On my first visit to Parish Taceaux, I ordered every taceaux on the menu. How can I know which is my favorite if I don’t try them all? In addition to trying all the tacos, the kiddo ordered the blackened shrimp and queso blanco quesadilla, my friend Tracy ordered the chorizo and pimento cheese quesadilla, and we shared an order of avocado fries. While everything was good, we went in on maybe their third day of their soft opening so kinks were still being worked out. I even talked to some of the powers that be, Katy Touchstone and Judd Smith, and they admitted that they were looking for some feedback on the food so they could tweak them. Even during that visit, I had a stand out in the taceauxs, the Nashville Hot Chicken.

I’m super “brand loyal” to my friends and their businesses, but if I’m really honest about it, the idea that I would get to eat a Nashville Hot Chicken taceaux is what really motivated me to go check them out after I had been traveling and gone from home for almost a week. Fast forward to this past weekend. Parish Taceaux had been rocking and rolling for a few weeks and even launched their official menu that included sides and desserts. I was craving a Nashville Hot Chicken taceaux and I wanted to try a few other things. After eating entirely too much, I have come up with the perfect meal for y’all to try.


Hibiscus Tea, Lemonade, Honeysuckle Cathead Vodka, Simple Syrup

          Hibiscus Tea, Lemonade, Honeysuckle Cathead Vodka, Simple Syrup

You can’t go wrong with the Esta Vida. After all it’s red and the name translates to “This Life”. How am I doing today? I’m *AHEMMMM* Loving This Life!

parish taceaux grilled pineapple rita

                               Grilled Pineapple, Monte Alban Silver

If vodka isn’t your drink of choice and tequila is more your speed, the Grilled Pineapple Rita is a winner! Where else in Shreveport-Bossier can you get a grilled pineapple margarita?


Avocado fries and blackened shrimp nachos for the win!

parish taceaux avocado fries

When I first had the avocado fries at my Cathead Vodka tasting, they were tasty yet lacked some seasoning. This time they were seasoned to perfection and didn’t even need the accompanying sauce.

Parish Taceaux Nachos

The blackened shrimp nachos were pretty great as well. This was my first time having them and what stood out for me was 1. In addition to the melted cheese, there was a cheese sauce so you weren’t served dry nachos and 2. ALL of my chips were crunchy! I absolutely hate ordered nachos at places because the more stuff, the soggier the chips. I don’t know what kind of sorcery Parish Taceaux is crafting, but all my chips were crunchy. That was indeed a winner in my book.


Parish Taceaux black beans

Cuban Black Beans served over popcorn rice, with shaved onion, cilantro, malt vinegar, and avocado. I’ve never been a fan of black beans until now. Although they are “Cuban” black beans, they reminded me of Cajun red beans and rice in the flavors AND they are served with half an avocado. Talk about flavor overload. These beans literally could be a meal by themselves. Parish Taceaux realizes this as well, so if you’re missing a meat component, for a few extra bucks, you can add a piece of paneed Mahaffey Farms pork and voila! You’ll have a whole meal.


parish taceaux nashville hot chicken

Duh! The Nashville Hot Chicken taceaux is the star for me. Hot crispy chicken served with house sweet pickles and cotija cheese. The sweet pickles provide a balance for the hot chicken and it all combines together to create an amazing party in your mouth.


Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to dessert because we had a lot of food, but they have key lime pie, Parish cheesecake, sponge cake with lemon sorbet and Louisiana strawberries, and churros.

Have you been to Parish Taceaux lately?

Parish Taceaux
708 Texas St
Shreveport, LA 71101
11am-Until Tuesday-Saturday

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