Oh Bears I Love You!

Since I have been on this new adventure of writing, I have had to learn writing with a “news” voice versus conversational writing and it has been a challenge to say the least. Be forewarned. This post is strictly a conversation between me and you. I haven’t interviewed anyone and no one has asked me to post this. Again this is just us friends sitting down having a cup of coffee and discussing some things.


What are we discussing? Bear’s on Fairfield of course!

Saturday night, I was able to attend the Soul Rebels Mardi Gras Show there. This was not my first time visiting Bears, however I think my love for it grew even more that night.


The show was FANTASTIC! I danced from the first song to the last but it wasn’t about the show. It was about the bigger picture. This was a smoke-free show that brought in an audience of black, white, brown, purple, green and gold. You see what I did there? There were old people. There were young people and everyone in between. There were restaurant owners, state employees, unemployed, freelancers. Every socioeconomic level was represented.


Ironically this was several people’s first time in Bears. Y’all know I will work a crowd in a minute so I started walking around talking to people. Several people said they saw the show in the Shreveport Times (toot toot! They didn’t know I am “Jada”) or they heard about it on Facebook. Whatever brought them to Bear’ss really isn’t important though. What’s important is what they experienced. They experienced unity, diversity, good music and of course drinks.

Let me say that when I got there, the bar was SLAMMED! After the show I got a chance to speak with Chase Boytim (I don’t know what Chase’s exact title is nor did I ask him. I told y’all there were NO interviews for this) and he let me know he had to call in a bartender from Fatty Arbuckles to come help.


Anyway back to the experience. I saw elderly men dancing with young tenders and their wives being upset LOL. I had about 4 dates for the show so I danced with all of them plus some other people. This was a night where for about two hours we were able to leave all the cares of the world at the door and just enjoy.


The fact that the Soul Rebels are amazingly awesome didn’t hurt any! They played several original songs, but played covers of Sweet Dreams, Rock Steady, Fancy and several other pop songs.

Don’t get it twisted. Bear’s isn’t a one trick pony though. Monthly they bring in awesome music. We’re talking Rebirth Brass Band, Big Freedia, Slick Rick, Brian Blade, Quickie Mart, Cha Wa Mardi Gras Indian Funk Band, and so many others. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that Bears is probably one of the best if not the best locally owned venues that CONSISTENTLY brings in good, quality LIVE music. If you haven’t been, get there quickly so you can partake in the experience of THE Bear’s on Fairfield.

* Just announced on 1/22/15 starting this weekend, Bears kitchen will be open at 5pm serving burgers, poboys, cheese fries and catfish baskets. Effective 1/26/15 Bears on Fairfield will be smoke-free!!! Yassssss!

Upcoming Shows:
1/23 Dark Rooms featuring Nate Treme
1/24 The Dubonauts featuring Dan Ready and Ryan Viser
1/30 Brian Blade featuring Buddy Fletty and AJ Haynes

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  • Carla Anderson January 21, 2015 02.49 pm

    Jada I just wanted to let u know that I am a fan of your blogs love to read them. Keep up the good work.


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