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Luxury Digs at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn

If you’ve ever been to Hot Springs, AR before or know anything about it, you know that Hot Springs prides itself on being historical. Historic buildings built during the Great Depression and Mountainaire Historic District are just some of examples of historical pride.

Whether you are on Central Ave checking out the historical bath houses, touring the Arlington hotel, or even the Gangster Museum of America, that pride is evident in everything. With so many historical things to see, it’s always interesting to see how the need for modern travel accommodations intertwine with the historical backdrop of the area.

I was able to experience this intermingling during a recent stay at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, a Select Registry property.

I have never been a really big bed and breakfast fan. Even with their amazing food, some just seem like you are staying in an extra room in someone’s home and that kind of creeps me out. Public bathrooms and staying in someone’s home are high on my “causes anxiety” meter so it’s a RARITY that I will stay in a bed and breakfast. Until now.

Nestled in a bay of Lake Hamilton, Lookout Point Lakeside Inn provides an updated, luxury contribution to the bed and breakfast world.

Driving onto the property, the landscape dramatically changes from the big name hotels with minimum landscaping and cars whizzing down Hot Springs’ popular Central Ave to lush greenery creating a beautiful picturesque sanctuary. Instantly I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

lookout point front door

When I entered through the gorgeous front door (I have a thing for doors. Stay tuned for my San Diego adventure.), I was greeted by their very welcoming staff who instantly knew who I was. The fact that I have my picture in my email signature probably helped facilitate this.

lookout point stairs

In the front entry way there are two sets of stairs, one to go downstairs to the front desk, seating areas, dining room, and outside and one set to go up to the upper level rooms. After going downstairs and checking in, I went upstairs to the Sunset Queen Deluxe room.

lookout point sunset room

lookout point view out window

My room featured a queen size bed, full bath with whirlpool tub, and a sitting area with an electric fireplace and large windows overlooking the water. You will see me use “sanctuary” more times in this post than I have used in my entire life because that is truly what this property felt like. My room was beautifully decorated and it just felt calm. It felt like my personal sanctuary for the weekend. It was my place to recharge my batteries. I’m never one to want to stay in the hotel all day when I go someplace. I want to go out, explore, and see what kind of trouble I can get into. At Lookout Point, I just wanted to stay in my room, in bed, all day. I didn’t do that but I REALLY wanted to.

lookout point innkeepers reception

When I checked in, I made it in time for the nightly Innkeeper’s Reception which provides guest with wine, tea, appetizers, and desserts. Can you really go wrong with any of that? The Innkeeper’s Reception was also where I met some of the fellow guests as well. One couple was given the trip by their children for their 50th birthdays. How sweet was that?

lookout point back

After the reception, I ventured out back to get a look at the grounds. Because it was raining when I visited, I didn’t venture too far but even in the rain, I saw the beauty. There was a water fountain, hammock, outside seating, and a dock. In my in-room binder I read that using the canoe to go out on the water was definitely not out of the question. You just have to sign a watercraft waiver. You can even rent a kayak. Y’all! This is a for real deal sanctuary removed from the hustle and bustle of life.

What’s a bed and breakfast without the breakfast?

Both mornings I was wowed by my breakfast. Gone are the buffet style breakfast set ups. At Lookout Point, individual seating and breakfast prepared when ordered rules in the dining room. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE bed and breakfast buffet set ups. If you’re in Shreveport check out 2439 a Fairfield Bed and Breakfast. Jimmy does some amazingness with his buffet featuring tomato grits!

Ok back to Lookout Point. I LOVE me a bed and breakfast buffet, but there’s something intimate and romantical about being served your breakfast. The staff takes great care of serving you an appetizer of fresh fruit as a prelude to entrée.


lookout point monte carlo

The first morning I was served mixed fruit with a honey almond drizzle on top and a Monte Carlo sandwich with raspberry jam and parmesan roasted cherry tomatoes. As I type this to you all, Natalie Cole’s “I’ve Got Love On My Mind” is playing in my head. This was some ultimate yumminess.


lookout point huevos trifecta


The next morning I was served spiced peaches with whipped cream and dried cranberries, Huevos Trifecta, and sausage links. I am a lover of any twist of eggs benedict and the Huevos Trifecta rocked my world. I ate slowly and deliberately so that I could truly enjoy every bite. When I was done, I was kind of upset that there wasn’t anything left on my plate. It was just THAT good.

The only thing that could’ve made my visit at Lookout Point more perfect was if it wasn’t raining and I could’ve ventured outside and taken it all in.

Lookout Point features 13 rooms in the Queen Standard, Queen Deluxe, King Standard, King Deluxe, King Suite, and Lakeview Terrace Condo variety so there is space for everyone.

The owners Ray and Kristie Rosset were jewels to meet. The entire staff was friendly, accommodating, and a wealth of knowledge about things to do in the area.

All in all, my stay was excellent and I am looking for a chance to go back.

Ray and Kristie, thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with me.

select registry

Select Registry, thank you for allowing Lookout Point Lakeside Inn to be a member and thank you for the stay!

To check it out for yourself,

Lookout Point Lakeside Inn
104 Lookout Circle Hot Springs, AR 71913
Ph: 501-525-6155
Toll free: 1-866-525-6155
Fax: 501-525-5850
email: info@lookoutpointinn.com

To check out other Select Registry properties, visit www.selectregistry.com.

*DISCLAIMER: My stay at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn was complimentary thanks to the Innkeepers and Select Registry. My opinions of the stay are 100% my own.

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