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Very little says ‘Murica more than finding some incredible eats at a gas station. For some I know this is so weird. For my fellow gas station eaters, this is completely normal and almost like a scavenger hunt. It’s all about finding the next gas station that has some good eats.

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My first contribution to my new series Loving This Gas Station! is Rudy’s. I’m not sure about all of the other Rudy’s locations, but the one closest to our hotel was a gas station hence this Loving This Gas Station! post.

Before my recent adventure to Austin, I asked my Facebook friends for some good eats suggestions and Rudy’s came up several times. Even while in Austin, I asked several locals and Rudy’s came up. That solidified that Rudy’s was the place to be.



The line was long, so that gave us plenty of time to look at the menu.


There was brisket three ways, sausage three ways, chicken, turkey, ribs three ways, pork loin, beans, potato salad, cole slaw, new potatoes, banana or chocolate pudding, and plenty of beverages alcoholic and non.


When we made it to a register, we were asked had we been to Rudy’s before. A “no” meant the cashier yelling to the crew that a rookie from Louisiana was in the house. The crew sung a jingle and the cashier created a sample “plate” of brisket, turkey, sausage, creamed corn and beans. Our trolley driver from the hotel had prepped us by mentioning that we needed to get the extra moist brisket so that along with some turkey, jalapeno sausage, beans and banana pudding were our selections. We were served up all of our eats in a crate with strips of parchment paper as our “fancy plates”.


During this Austin trip, we ate brisket at several places and I can honestly say that Rudy’s extra moist brisket was the best brisket I have ever had. I don’t know what made the extra moist pieces more moist than the others or what but I do know it was delicious. In fact everything was delicious including the special Rudy’s Bar-BQ Sause.


This trip the gas station was a success!

Rudy’s General Store & Bar-B-Q
2451 S. Capital of Texas Hwy.
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: 512-329-5554

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  • Rob shav December 08, 2015 11.13 am

    Good food at a gas station. …only if I am in a rush


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