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I cannot even begin to count the amount of times that I have visited Natchitoches, the oldest city in Louisiana. I have been countless times but never ever ever had I stopped at the French Market until October.


My road trip buddy Brandy and I stopped there to get some eats on our way to Funktoberfest in Alexandria. We went in, ordered some “sammiches” and went and sat in the car to eat. We were smacking, moaning, making some obscene noises all while chowing down on our sandwiches. Brandy had a shrimp poboy and I had a chicken fried steak sandwich on hamburger bun with brown gravy. We talked about those sandwiches for weeks afterwards.

Fast forward to Saturday. We’re back in Natchitoches at the French Market. This time I was more observant of this good eats gas station find. I think gas station is almost kind of minimizing to the French Market. It’s more of a truck stop, although I’m not really sure if trucks stop there. There is a restaurant, novelty items, mini grocery store, bakery, liquor store and more.


The restaurant offers “fast foods” that are prepared such as Natchitoches meat pies, fried chicken, chicken strips and boudin BUT it also has a “hot food” menu where your food is prepared to order. It includes hamburgers, poboys, breakfast and other treat. This time I decided to be the ultimate #FoodieNotFatty™ and ordered a shrimp poboy AND a chicken fried steak sandwich on Texas toast, both cut in half so I could eat half of each.


While I was waiting my food, I started looking around. The French Market has to be one of the most comprehensive Louisiana products gas stations that I have ever seen. A lot of times, I will see gas stations with “Louisiana” products that aren’t even from Louisiana. That’s not the case with the French Market.

Here are some of the discoveries.




Did anyone know they sold Big Shots outside of New Orleans? No? Me neither!


This was the first time I heard of Swamp Pop and they are out of Lafayette!


The French Market even has their own line of products including pickled items.


Deep Fried Peanuts?


After looking around a bit, my food was finally ready and it did not disappoint. I’m convinced that I need to go to Natchitoches at least once a month just to eat some sammiches.


Have you been to the French Market? What’s your favorite treat to get there?

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  • Tina J December 12, 2015 07.23 am

    I scheduled all of my road trips around the French market. I get meat pies and yam cakes.


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