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If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I’m sure by now you see that I am on a King Cake adventure.

For my non Louisiana readers, click here to see what King Cake is.

At first, this adventure just started out as another opportunity for me to discuss my love for King Cake but now it has turned into something else. Now it’s almost like I am on a hunt. A hunt to see who has King Cakes and whose are the tastiest. My adventure is still going on but I did want to provide you guys with some info on what I have found so far.

sucre king cake

So far my favorite traditional King Cake is from Sucre’ Bakery in New Orleans. Is this really a shocker? Probably not but don’t stop reading here. Shreveport has some pretty incredible versions of King Cake that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Sucre’ focuses on the danish itself and not just the filling. There was a thin layer of creole cream cheese throughout the cake but the cake itself was the star. It was sweet, not too moist, not too dry. It was everything a danish should be. The baby as you can see was on the outside of the cake. I don’t know about anyone else but I live the idea of finding the baby in the cake. I know there are legal reasons why bakeries have stopped putting the baby in the cake but I appreciated that about a King Cake.

lilahs king

My first Shreveport King Cake of the season was from Lilah’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of Lilah’s but I had to try their King Cake because so many people were raving about how great they were. What really solidified my decision was a conversation with someone whose food choices I completely trust. She told me that their King Cakes were excellent so I needed to go try them. Lilah’s offers mini King Cakes for $5 that are enough to feed 2-3 people. That was definitely the way I was going since I didn’t want to spend too much money and possibly be disappointed. I decided on a cream cheese mini and I was pleasantly surprised. The cake itself was not too sweet and worked well with the cream cheese filling. There wasn’t an abundance of cream cheese filling either so the filling to cake ratio worked out well. The icing and colored sugar on top complimented everything and made everything a tasty bite. I have to say right now, Lilah’s is my favorite Shreveport King Cake of the season. I’ve been back about 3 times since then.

bayou bites king cake cookie

I was able to try Bayou Bites LLC King Cake Cookies. Yall! Flavor wise, this was like a snickerdoodle
on steroids. The cookie was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and packed with flavor. I definitely will be getting an order of these before the season is over.

king Steve

Though not a King Cake, the King Steve from Sevendipity was very King Cake and Mardi Gras themed. The Steve is Sevendipity’s version of that “infamous” hybrid of a croissant and donut. You know “he who shall not be named”. This particular one was cream cheese but they have offered cinnamon cream cheese and some other flavors. I went to brunch their Saturday and of course they were sold out of Steves. Don’t worry! I’ll be back!


Of course Tubb’s Hardware and their Extreme King Cake was on my list. Yep that is correct. The hardware store sells King Cakes. We ARE in Louisiana. Stranger things have happened. This by far was my least favorite King Cake. I decided on the praline and there was a lot going on. Extreme may be an understatement because there was an enormous amount of “praline” filling in the inside. I say “praline” because I’m really not sure what that was. It didn’t taste like the pralines I am use to. I won’t be back for that.


By divine connection and perfect timing, I was able to receive a boudin stuffed king cake from Twins Burgers and Sweets in Lafayette. So taste this in your mouth-boudin stuffed bread topped with cracklin’ and Steen’s Pure Cane Syrup. YEP! Sweet, salty, savory goodness! Lilah’s is doing a version of this King Cake as well. I haven’t tried it but soon!

In the not for sale but if you can, you must try these category:king cake bites

On my February Highland Open Studio Tours Sundays (HOSTS) adventure, I was able to try Nadine Charity’s Savory King Cake Bites. This was like a little muffaletta (olive included) but tastier. She isn’t selling these but if you’re in Shreveport and you know her, she MAY hook you up.

karen labeau king cake vodka drink

Someone asked me about King Cake drinks so here you go! New Orleans native now Highland artist Karen La Beau made this King Cake Vodka concoction and I’ll just deposit this picture here and walk away!

I had a slice of Julie Anne’s pralines and cream King Cake. I didn’t get a picture. Though it was yummy, in my opinion, Lilah’s is the winner so far. I still have Rhino’s minis to try and some King Cake Burgers from a few places. Stay tuned for that.

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