Happy Fathers Day at Ernest’s Orleans

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!Photo Courtesy of KoollPics

A son’s first hero
A daughter’s first love

With Fathers Day being less than a week away, I know some of you are racking your brain on what to do for Dad. Well I have the perfect solution for you-dinner at Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge.

Phi Beta Sigma and Alpha Phi Alpha

Phi Beta Sigma and Alpha Phi Alpha, Photo Courtesy of KoollPics

My sister Kimberly wanted to do something special for not only our daddy but some great daddy’s that we know and Loving This Life! tagged along.

Originally we had a few activities planned for these men but we finally settled on an amazing dinner for them. I called up my family, Chef Ernest Palmisano and he said he could handle the job.

When Saturday got here, it was show time.

Ernest's Orleans Veranda

Chef Ernest put our party in the Veranda which was an excellent thing. The room has a windowed wall that provides gorgeous natural light and an excellent view of downtown Shreveport. Also the room is separate from the Club Room and the main dining room so there’s more privacy in that area.

Uncle Nick's Bread, Cheesy Bread and Fried Cheese

Uncle Nick’s Bread, Cheesy Bread and Fried Cheese, Photo Courtesy of KoollPics

Once the men arrived and were settled, the show began. If you know Chef Ernest, you know that he loves to feed people and he loves to put on a show with his spreads.

Chef Ernest's Famous Marinated Crab Claws

Chef Ernest’s Famous Marinated Crab Claws, Photo Courtesy of KoollPics

The men started off with a table full of Uncle Nick’s Bread, Cheesy Bread, Chef Ernest’s Famous Marinated Crab Claws and fried cheese balls. For the next course, Chef Ernest sent out some delicious Italian salads. Several at the table commented about how tasty the salad was.

Chef Ernest and Danny Ray

Chef Ernest and Danny Ray, Photo Courtesy of KoollPics

Now we get to the main course. When I first arrived at the restaurant, I was told that Chef Ernest needed to see me. As soon as I walked into the kitchen he had this huge smile on his face and said “Come here! Come here! Come here! Look at what we got for y’all!”

Ernest's Orleans

Chef Ernest and his meat cutter Danny Ray had prepared some of the biggest ribeyes that I’ve seen in person in a while. Y’all he was proud and he had every right to be.


Entree, Photo Courtesy of KoollPics

When the steaks came out, they had were covered in mushrooms and Uncle Joe’s Sauce and served with some hand cut and battered onion rings, spinach and fresh tomatoes. Y’all this was straight love for your tummy action! The men commented about how delicious and tender the steaks were. There was so much food that I don’t think anyone completely finished their plate.



Just when we thought the meal was done, the dessert arrived. There was apple, streusel, ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. Can you really go wrong with that?

The entire dinner was such a success and the men definitely enjoyed themselves.

So now that you have dinner settled, what else are you doing for Fathers Day?

WHEN You Go:

Ernest’s Orleans Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge
1601 Spring St Service Dr
Shreveport, LA 71101
Monday-Saturday 4:30pm-10:30pm

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