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Fitness Journey w/ The Green House Salad Co-Week 1

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have received compensation for this partnership however 100% of the opinions are my own*

If this is the first time you are tuning into my blog, click here so that you can get caught up with my new fitness journey partnership with The Green House Salad Co.


Week 1 of my official journey with The Green House Salad Co was not my finest I have to admit. I was on a staycation at the Remington Suite Hotel & Spa so I really didn’t plan the week well. Also some health issues popped up so I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I would’ve liked. I went walking one day, but that was about it. The lack of exercise isn’t the end all in my book, but I also didn’t get my schedule together to replace three of my meals with The Green House Salad Co salads. I only visited them once, but when I did, it was delicious!

 the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport Maneater: romaine, grilled chicken, shrimp, bacon, egg, croutons wonton strips

On my visit I picked the Maneater pictured above, but I replaced the croutons with wonton strips. My dressing of choice was ranch and my drink of choice was the cucumber mint infused water. I only used one of my dressings and only ate half of my salad.  What I love about the Maneater is that I don’t feel like I’m missing anything because this salad is jam packed with meat, seafood, eggs (are eggs a meat?), and of course greens. The chicken and shrimp aren’t bland either so I don’t feel like I’m skipping out on seasoning for the sake of being healthy.

The other days of the week, I didn’t do TOO bad about food, but again it wasn’t my finest. On Monday, I had some jalapeno, cilantro mussels from Wine Country. OF COURSE I ate the truffle fries and requested some bread to sop up the broth. Keep your judgment to yourself here. The rest of the week I cooked easy dinners at home, including salmon and roasted chicken. Friday, however I DEMOLISHED 10 blue crabs from B&D Seafood, LLC. It was boiled seafood so it HAD To be healthy right?!

the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport

This week was definitely more eating than exercising though not the most terrible eating that I could do. Check out the calories from my Maneater above in the Signature Salads column. I’m happy to report that I have already gotten my schedule together for my salad replacements this week and I am looking forward to trying some new salads and some new exercises.

I asked on my Facebook page about who has yet to visit The Green House Salad Co. Inviting my friends to dinner at The Green House Salad Co is NOT a part of my partnership with them, but because I believe so strongly in the brand, I want everyone to try them at least once. Even if you’re not into the healthier you track, the salads are just freaking delicious!

I’ve been asked a few questions about The Green House Salad Co, so I thought I would post them here with some answers

Q: “I went to Greenhouse once. The salad was good but the place smelled like shrimp so I couldn’t really enjoy the experience. Does the place still smell shrimpy?”
A: No it doesn’t smell shrimpy. While they do serve cooked shrimp on several different salads, the air does not smell shrimpy. Maybe they had just cooked some shrimp before the visit.

Q: “Do you really like the salads there?”
A: Yes I really do. The salads taste fresh and delicious. Also I like how bright it is inside of the place.

Q: “How late are they open?”
A: Their hours are Monday-Saturday 10:45 am-8:30 pm; Sunday 10:45am-2:00pm

Sooooooooo who has never been before and when are you available to go to dinner there?

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