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A Better Me with The Green House Salad Co

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have received compensation for this partnership however 100% of the opinions are my own*

Hey y’all!

It’s been a while since I put a post on here. How are you guys doing? I hope all is well for each of you. As for me, things are good. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with my family and super close friends. I’m really not sure when that particular shift happened, but it did. Instead of focusing on truly loving this life, I got so wrapped up in partaking in experiences so that I could write about them. Instead of being in the moment, I was always focused on what kind of story the experience would make. Sure the storytelling life is one that I signed up for, but I have to learn balance so I decided to take a “break” if you will from my actual blog. I was still very active on Facebook, but I even took a break from Instagram for a while as well. My time away felt good. I was engaged in conversations when hanging out with my friends, I’ve carved out some specific time to spend with my mom and son, and I even have been going to bed before 10 pm lately. Well minus this past Saturday night, but that’s another story.

During this break of mine, I not only tried to identify some things with my emotional and mental health, but I was forced to face some truths about my physical health as well. Loving This Life! has always been an indulgent thing with traveling to some fantastic places, staying at some great hotels, drinking some delicious cocktails, and feasting on some phenomenal food. I knew, but I tried to ignore that I can only do so much of that constant eating and drinking before it caught up with me and it has. Yearly my health insurance requires a routine health screening in order to receive a “discount” on my premium. My check-up was in mid August and I got a real life look at what my lifestyle without some sort of balance has done to my body. My blood pressure was high, my blood sugar level was right at the line, and I’ve gained the 34lbs back that I lost about three years ago. Basically my check-up was the ultimate downer. When the nurse practitioner and I were discussing my results, I let her know about Loving This Life! and what all that includes. She confirmed that my lifestyle was definitely the culprit for it all and informed me that I needed to take more time for my physical health and find a balance. She gave me this news three days before Krewe of Highland coronation. How the hell am I suppose to find balance at coronation?!? I’m the Captain dammit! If anyone is partying, it should be me! I have to set the party example for everyone else. So guess what I did that night? I had very little food and “very a lot” of drinks. That’s balance right? *shrug*

After feeling horrible the days following, I knew I needed to get myself together so I started to incorporate some exercise into my daily routine by walking around my neighborhood. I walked to a meeting at a local restaurant, I walked to the grocery store, I walked to the dollar store, I walked all over the place. During my walks, I would have conversations with God. I needed that peace that only He can provide. Despite appearing cool, calm, and collected on the outside, I was an emotional wreck on the inside with my check-up news. My mom, son, and I had just gotten into our weekly family day routine. My close friends and I have gotten into our routine of our monthly dates. I’m the M*THAF*CKIN Captain of the Krewe of Highland! I have to be around to enjoy each and every one of these moments in my life and even future moments. Poor health is the quickest way to not be around so I was scared to say the least.

the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport

I would like to think that God honored my actions (faith without works is dead) because I randomly received an email from my new friends at The Green House Salad Co. Shreveport for us to possibly work together. Full disclosure, I cried when I received their email. I IMMEDIATELY responded and told the store manager Destiny Kenly that her email could not have come at a more perfect time. The Green House Salad Co. is a new and exciting, fresh, clean and healthy dining alternative. They have organic farm fresh items and can accommodate any special dietary need through their signature and create your own bowl salads. The Green House Salad Co. is about eating green and living green. They reduce waste, recycle, and all of their packaging is eco friendly, leaving much less of an environmental footprint than
traditional restaurants. Do you guys see why I started crying? THIS. IS. WHAT. I. NEED.

the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport

the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport

Starting today, The Green House Salad Co. Shreveport and I will embark on an eight week fitness journey. I will replace three of my meals each week with a The Green House Salad Co. Shreveport salad and I will continue with my walking and some other exercise as well. I will document my adventures here on my blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram so if you don’t already like my pages, go like them now. There will even be a special Loving This Life! salad available at The Green House Salad Co. Shreveport. Of course I’ll keep you posted when that is available.

the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport

The Bowl Scraper-spinach, grilled chicken, craisins, purple onions, bacon, multigrain croutons

Sit back and get ready to go on this ride with me. I’m not going full on drastic health nut with this because 1. I love indulgent food, 2. I have bills to pay, 3. I love indulgent food. I also think that you can still enjoy things, but in moderation. It’s all about balance for me right now and taking the steps to become a better me.

the green house salad co shreveport, healthy eating shreveport, salad bar shreveport, gluten free shreveport

Want to check The Green House Salad Co. Shreveport out for yourself? They are located at 7460 Youree Dr and their hours are Monday-Saturday 10:45 am-8:30 pm, Sunday 10:45 am-2pm.

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  • Lisa Willard September 19, 2017 09.45 am

    Love how open and honest you are in this article as I’m sure so many people (myself included) have or are experiencing the difficult task of balancing life.
    Again, you are an inspiration– so much that I’m going to shift my focus back to eating better again and get these thighs walking again.
    You are right. Balance and moderation IS where it’s at!!
    Thank you Jada!!

    • Jada September 19, 2017 09.54 am

      Thank you for your comment Lisa! It means the world to me

  • Janice Taylor September 19, 2017 10.50 am

    Yea! Poud of what you doing! Will work with you when preparing Sunday dinner.

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