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Genghis Grill – Great Customer Service

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In my line of work and in my life in general, I eat out. I eat out at fine dining establishments, casual dining, food trucks, street vendors, chains, locally owned and everything in between. No matter the type of establishment, great customer service should be a priority of all but sadly it’s not. We all have had those experiences where the customer service has determined if we have gone back or not. There’s still a locally owned restaurant in the Shreveport-Bossier area that I won’t go to because of bad customer service. The food is absolutely AMAZING, but the customer service killed it for me. I’m so glad this was not the case during my latest visit to Genghis Grill.

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Genghis Grill recently reached out to me to come and check out some of their new menu items. It had been a while since I visited Genghis so I agreed to go. When I arrived, I was greeted by the biggest, genuine smile that I have seen in a while. I learned the wearer of such brightness was Dennis. I told him my name and his response was “Yes ma’am! I’ve been waiting for you. You’re about to be completely taken care of.” As Dennis led me to my seat, he turned up the charm and complimented me on my Suite Nine 1 Six skirt. Usually when I go on media meals, I am always mindful that because the team knows who I am, they always do extra things. I thought this with Dennis as well until I saw him interact with other guests. He was consistently focused on each of his guests.

genghis grill bread

After I was seated, I asked him how did they bring up my visit to him. I’m always curious about how management handles these types of things with their team. Dennis told me that they told him a blogger was coming to which he replied “What’s a blogger?” Y’all! I was too tickled. Just his reenactment of the conversation cracked me up. Once my drink order was placed, Dennis suggested that I try the Jalapeno Shrimp Cheesy Bread. One of his managers came over and was suggesting some other things as well, but the idea of some cheesy, spicy, shrimpy bread won me over. I’m glad I went with that. It was so yummy and I wouldn’t be mad at all if Genghis needed me to come eat Jalapeno Shrimp Cheesy Bread every month.

genghis grill new recipes

The restaurant recently rolled out three new recipes, Honey Garlic Scallops, Spicy Sesame Chicken and Hong Kong Beef. Because I had seafood for an appetizer, I decided on the Spicy Sesame Chicken recipe as my entrée. I was going to ladies night at Aura afterwards. I wanted to be full but not feeling too heavy which beef can sometimes do. Plus the chicken recipe had bacon. You can’t go wrong with bacon.

Speaking of bacon, can we have a bit of side bar right here? Did you know that Genghis Grill has actual RAW bacon on their food bar that they cook with your meal? It’s not like other places that have pre-cooked bacon. You are actually getting freshly cooked bacon with each meal that includes bacon. YAAAAAAAASSSSS!

genghis grill

Ok I now return to my story. I made my way around the food bar and followed the recipe card that I was given. When I got to the area to turn over my food to be cooked, I was greeted by a gentleman who gave me a whole spiel about how it was his job to make me smile and if I wasn’t already smiling, I definitely would be before I left. Y’all! At this point I was seriously thinking that Genghis was really trying to schmooze me for some positive feedback. I learned that this was their standard operating procedure when other customers turned in their bowls.

genghis grill bowl

I returned to my seat and Dennis came and checked on me often enough to not to miss him, but not often enough for me to wish he would go away. My bowl arrived and I feasted upon my hot and spicy, delicious creation. The bowl didn’t photograph well, but trust me when I say it was delicious. A friend ended up joining me and even he commented on Dennis and how great his customer service was. “This is probably the best customer service I’ve ever received in Shreveport outside of maybe Ernest’s” he said. For those of you not in Shreveport, Ernest’s is a family owned, fine dining establishment that’s known for its service and marinated crab claws.

genghis grill selfie

Dennis made such an impression on me that I HAD to take a selfie with him. Not only him, but the entire team at Genghis Grill Shreveport was a breath of fresh air when it came to customer service. Keep of the good work y’all!

Shreveport-Bossier friends, next time you’re in the area, stop by Genghis Grill and asked to be seated in Dennis’ area. You will NOT be disappointed.

Have any of y’all been to Genghis lately? What did you try?

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  • Joseph Arora July 05, 2016 06.55 pm

    That food was AMAZING and service there is always great!

  • LaToya Amos July 25, 2016 11.00 am

    You absolutely correct about the service at Genghis Grill. This is a place my husband and I enjoy eating at because of the service and the food!


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