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Crawfish Adventures with Desiree and Jada

 What time is it? Crawfish time!

That’s right peeps! We are full swing into crawfish season. Although it is still the beginning of the season, several local restaurants here in the SBCeezy are rocking and rolling with boiled crawfish, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, sausages, and more.

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafood

As a lover of crawfish, I am so grateful that one of my closest friends, Desiree (Owner extraordinare of Suite Nine1Six) is a lover as well or as she likes to put it, “Crawfish Connoisseur”. Our goal for this crawfish season is simple, visit ALL of the crawfish spots in the NWLA and document our adventures. We are already failing at documenting our adventure because we have absolutely no pictures of us together at these spots. In addition to that, I only have two crawfish pictures from these outings. LOL! Don’t worry! As we get deeper into the season, we will get better with the documentation. Since we don’t have many pictures of our crawfish adventures so far, I figured you guys could enjoy pictures of us during other adventures.

Without further ado, here are the places we have visited in order of when we tried them with our thoughts:

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafood

Kim’s Seafood
WHERE: 901 Benton Rd. Ste E, Bossier City
HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm
PRICE: $4.99/lb

Desiree: I can always enjoy the flavor of Kim’s crawfish because it is a consistent taste and I know what I will get every time, the level of spice may change but the flavor is always the same. They are juicy and spicy and increasing in size. They are ALWAYS served hot and fresh and the flavor is soaked into the actual crawfish tail meat versus just on the outside and a true crawfish lover like myself can appreciate that more then anything. They also have the best crawfish dip, don’t debate me!

Jada: Kim’s has been where it’s at this season. At the beginning of January, the crawfish were very small because it was super early in the season. Since then, we have gone multiple times and the crawfish have been a really good size. The owners of Kim’s are New Orleans natives so it’s no wonder that they are so good. The seasoning is always perfect. Sometimes it is spicier than others, but still really good. I had never heard of crawfish dip until Desiree told me about it on one of our Kim’s dates. (We’ve been multiple times this season.) When I first tried it, it was just ok to me. Now I’m hooked on it. I don’t know what all is in the sauce, but it’s definitely mayo and ketchup with some other things. It’s VERY similar to Cane’s sauce. Right now, Kim’s is number one for me because of the combo of crawfish and dip.

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafood

River City Grille
WHERE: 1903 Benton Rd, Bossier City
HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-12am
PRICE: $26.50 4lb platter with corn and potatoes, $25 on Thursdays

Desiree: Their crawfish are GOOD! If you like Spicy crawfish this is your place to go! they will have your nose running from the spices, but they aren’t lacking on any flavor at all. River City’s crawfish have a little spin on them, because they add hot sauce to their flavoring process, which isn’t bad in moderation! They have nice sized crawfish and GREAT margaritas!

Jada: I was pleasantly surprised at how good River City’s crawfish are. I’m normally not a fan of vinegar based hot sauces, but River City puts this in their crawfish boil and it works. If you are not a fan of spicy, River City is not for you. They are SUPER, SUPER spicy and you WILL be snotting all over the place. They also offer corn, potatoes, mushrooms, and sausages. Their corn and mushrooms are where it’s at! They are so good. The corn provides the perfect balance of sweet and spicy and the mushrooms are just pillows of spicy yumminess.

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafoodCrawdaddy’s Kitchen
WHERE: 9370 Mansfield Rd
HOURS: Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 11am-9pm
PRICE: $5.49/lb

Desiree: They are a hit or miss kind of place during the beginning of the season. I normally LOVE their crawfish, but this season I have had two not so good experiences with their crawfish. The size and taste just wasn’t doing it for me, they tasted like they were pre cooked and dipped back in hot water to warm the up. I will give them a try a little later in the season.

Jada: Last year, I enjoyed going to Crawdaddy’s Kitchen to get crawfish. The same cannot be said for this year. On the day that we went, the crawfish were not good. The crawfish tasted old and they had seasoning sprinkled on the outside of the shell. I don’t remember Crawdaddy’s doing this before and it was odd because my son and I had seasoning sprinkled on ours, but Desiree didn’t. My son also had piping hot and fresh tasting crawfish while mine and Desiree’s were not good. We sent them back and the server made it a point to tell us that she was having the kitchen give us some fresh crawfish straight out of the water. We received the exact same crawfish back that they warmed up. FAIL. I’m not as forgiving as Desiree so I won’t be back later in the season for their crawfish. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my house so I don’t want to waste that time and gas on “hope” of good crawfish. I will trek over there for their fried catfish and crawfish cornbread. Those are DEFINITELY worth the drive!

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafood

Seafood Shack
WHERE: 451 Kings Hwy???
HOURS: ??? The trailer is no longer in the parking lot. Per a friend, the owner works offshore so no more Seafood Shack until he comes back in town.
PRICE: $4.85/lb

Desiree: I really enjoyed the milder flavor they had to offer, the flavor was throughout the crawfish and not just on the outside. They had nice size crawfish and they were juicy! I didn’t care for their crawfish dip because it reminded me of mustard.

Jada: Finally a crawfish trailer in Highland! Seafood Shack would be my number one on my list if its dip was better. I really enjoy their flavor. It’s not as bold as Kim’s and you won’t snot all over your crawfish. Their flavor also isn’t overly salty, which you can run into when people sprinkle seasoning on the outside of the shells. They were perfectly seasoned, an extremely nice size, and juicy. These guys definitely know what they are doing when it comes to the bugs. Their dip is not my favorite. I agree with Desiree that there was something tangy and off putting about their dip. Kim’s dip or Cane’s sauce with Seafood Shack crawfish is a winning combination.

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafood

Crawfish Tyme Shreveport
WHERE: 925 E. 70th St
HOURS: 2pm-8pm daily
PRICE: $5.49/lb

Desiree: Crawfish Tyme has always been a fan favorite of mind, but this last time I ate them I wasn’t a fan at all. It seemed as if they had been soaking in the crawfish boil all day, which made them very salty. The flavor was still there, but the salty taste was over bearing and I couldn’t finish them. I still love the unique flavor of their crawfish, the hints of lemon pepper and notes of fresh lime will keep me coming back.

Jada: I may be the only person in Shreveport that had never had Crawfish Tyme before. I know that it’s a Cedar Grove institution, but it’s never appealed to me to go and try. A few Saturdays ago, Desiree and I pressured our friend to deliver us some crawfish to my house. After our friend got pissed off with us and finally conceded, we had bags full of hot crawfish at my door. Upon eating, we found out that our constant badgering of our friend backfired for us. She told Crawfish Tyme to make our crawfish spicy and to them spicy just meant more seasoning which also meant way more salt. The crawfish were so salty that they were inedible. This was not a good first look for me. A few weeks later, I had an impromptu crawfish session on a friend’s porch in South Highlands and Crawfish Tyme is her dealer of choice. While I enjoyed them the second go round, the flavor profile is distinctly different than other places. There’s something extra in the seasoning that takes the taste to a different level. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it is different. Crawfish Tyme doesn’t taste bad, however they don’t top my list of places to go for crawfish.

crawfish in shreveport, shreveport seafood

Shane’s Seafood
WHERE: 9133 Mansfield Rd (Shack), 9176 Mansfield Rd, and 5914 Youree Dr.
PRICE: $4.99/lb

Desiree: For the past few years Shane’s has not been on my list of crawfish “must haves”. They season the outside of the crawfish while the actual meat lacks flavor. The flavor is not my favorite at all, it tastes like a barbeque rub mixed with crawfish boil. The seasoning being on the outside makes them salty, and after eating too many of them they make my lips wrinkle. Lets just say they are not on my crawfish places to visit again this season.

Jada: I haven’t had Shane’s in a few years because 1. It’s not close to my house and 2. There are places way closer to my house that taste better than how I remembered Shane’s tasted. Lucky for this post, Shane’s was the vendor at Crawfest in Betty Virginia Park this past Saturday and Desiree and I were both in attendance. Shane’s does the “outside” seasoning thing and I’m really not sure why. Normally when people through that extra seasoning on the outside of the shells, the meat isn’t well seasoned so they are trying to compensate. The meat on these were well seasoned and the outside seasoning took them to the border of being over seasoned. When I got down to maybe my last 10 or 15 crawfish, I stopped sucking the heads because the seasoning was just too much. I’m want to try Shane’s again, but without the sprinkle.

Our adventures are just beginning, so where should we go next?

Where have you been this season?

Which are your favorite?

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  • Terrance Porter March 28, 2017 02.01 pm

    I’ve never tried Shavers Catering or BeauxJax Catering

    • Jada March 28, 2017 02.13 pm

      I had BeauxJax last year at Great Raft and they were ok. I’ve heard that they are really good this season. I def want to check them out. I haven’t had Shaver’s in YEARS. Desiree had them this season and said they were pretty good.

  • Tina Jiles March 28, 2017 03.31 pm

    I had some excellent crawfish from MommaDoo’s, a trailer on Linwood Ave. near Jewella. Hot but not terribly with a really nice depth of flavor.

    • Jada March 28, 2017 03.32 pm

      I’ve heard of MommaDoo’s. Where are they located? Linwood and Jewella don’t intersect.


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