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One of my favorite topics to debate with locals is how people are quick to say that Shreveport doesn’t have its own identity. When “outsiders” think of Louisiana, unless they have some ties to NWLA they automatically think New Orleans. They think jazz, crawfish, spicy food, gumbo, voodoo and several other interesting things. Even people from New Orleans who now live in Shreveport say they have a hard time figuring out if Shreveport has its own identity. I will continue to say we do until the day I die. Shreveport has its own food (Thanks Chef Hardette Harris for the Official Meal of North Louisiana), music and arts and we should be proud of that.

common culture week

One organization that does its fair share of creating and promoting the Shreveport arts community is Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC). This week SRAC kicks off its Common Culture Week. SRAC says “The overall goal of the week is to identify and equip area “potential collectors” to invest in Artworks created and distributed by Northwest Louisiana Artists in the Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts fields.” The week is filled with studio tours, exhibition openings and studio talks, performing art showcases and more.

I think each event will be fantastic, but I personally am looking forward to the Performing Art Showcase and the Shreveport Bossier Studio Tours.

common culture performing art

The Performing Art Showcase will kick-off Common Culture Week tomorrow night at the Municipal Auditorium. This will be your chance to see Northwest Louisiana dancers, singers, musicians, jugglers and more compete for a $2000 Best in Show prize!

Performers include:

DESTINY: HOPE, an original opera about Miley Cyrus
Renee “Reneesance” Caldwell
Inter City Row Modern Dance Company
Vela Nora
Lomax The Grey
Louisiana Dance Collective
Brenda Wimberly
Arty Dodger, the Southern Gentleman Juggler
Tchai, a musical collective
Twang Darkly

common culture week studio tours

I think I’ve told y’all before that I like walking into people’s houses and looking at their stuff so the Shreveport Bossier Studio Tours is right up my alley. Monthly I mention Highland Open Studio Tours Sunday (HOSTS) so think of this as HOSTS times 1000. The studio tours will feature 29 stops stretching across 40 miles in Shreveport and Bossier City. The tour is broken down into three sections: Texas Trail Tour, HOSTS Hop, Skip and Jump Tour and The Fringe Tour. This self guided tour is FREE and open to the public, but if you don’t feel like driving or guiding yourself, you can hitch a ride with SRAC for $50. That includes a box lunch, drinks, and a chance to party at the Artist & Collector Wrap Up Party. Sounds like a fantastic Saturday to me!

SRAC definitely has a week of fun, informative and educational activities planned and you would be crazy to miss it! You can find the complete schedule here.


win tickets common culture week

So who wants a chance to win a pair of tickets to the #CCWeek: Performing Art Showcase? Right now on my Instagram, there is a chance for 2 people to win a pair of FREE tickets!! Go check it out and good luck!

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