liquor subscription box, cocktails at home, alcohol subscription box

Happy Hour at Home with Cocktail Courier

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. Although this is a sponsored post, all pictures and opinions are 100% my own.

By now we have established that I appreciate a good happy hour. I love going out, hanging with my friends at my favorite bar, and discussing life with my favorite bartender, but at times my schedule doesn’t allow that. There’s also times when I really just want to stay at home either by myself or entertaining friends and I don’t want to sacrifice the whole idea of happy hour and great cocktails just because we are staying in. Thanks to my friends at Cocktail Courier, I no longer have to.

liquor subscription box, cocktails at home, alcohol subscription box

Cocktail Courier by ShakeStir is a premiere online cocktail delivery service that brings the craft cocktail experience to your home. They work with Chicago and New York local bartenders to create interesting cocktails. They then box up the recipes and all the ingredients needed to make the cocktails INCLUDING the alcohol and send it to you. Does it really get more boss than having drank delivered to your door?

Cocktail Courier offers a no commitment (skip, suspend, cancel anytime) subscription box service and you can also buy cocktails a la carte. Subscriptions are available in the standard plan ($39.99 for 4-8 cocktails) and the premium plan ($49.99 for 4-12 cocktails using super premium brand spirits) variety, delivered every week, every other week, or monthly. Customizing your subscription is as easy as selecting your preferred spirits at sign up and trusting the bartenders to select something tasty for you.

liquor subscription box, cocktails at home, alcohol subscription box

I received a box with ingredients to make Scot’s Cidre by Laila Grainawi. The only thing not included in the box was my Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer and Collins glass. Yes the recipe was so precise that it told me what type of glass to use.

“I combined big flavors that can be intimidating on their own, peaty scotch and wild-fermented cider, to create a unique drink that goes down easy!” – Laila Grainawi

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liquor subscription box, cocktails at home, alcohol subscription box

liquor subscription box, cocktails at home, alcohol subscription box

The recipe was super easy to follow and the finished drink was delicious. It was light, refreshing, and tasted like Spring and Summer without the oppressive heat. It was super easy going down and I could’ve had several more after the first. With services like Cocktail Courier, anytime can be happy hour at home. Click here to try Cocktail Courier for yourself!

What’s your favorite cocktail to make at home?


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  • Jean Buffin April 10, 2017 05.56 pm

    This is a good one Jada. Sort of expensive but acceptable.

    • Jada April 11, 2017 11.26 am

      Thanks! I enjoyed this box. It ends up being about $5/cocktail which is very reasonable if comparing to going out for cocktails.

  • Christie Moeller April 11, 2017 11.06 am

    Where has this subscription box been all my life!!

    xoxo Christie

    • Jada April 11, 2017 11.25 am

      I’m trying to figure out the exact same thing!

  • Helene April 11, 2017 11.09 am

    I’ve never heard of this subscription service, but it sounds amazing! Sometimes I want a drink, but don’t need an entire bottle since I barely drink, but this would be perfect!

    xo, Helene

    • Jada April 11, 2017 11.25 am

      Yeah this was absolutely great. I’m looking forward to subscribing to their service

  • Maya H. April 11, 2017 11.34 am

    This looks so fun to try! I love making margaritas & mojitos at home #blmgirls

  • Danielle April 11, 2017 11.45 am

    I really like this idea and your photography! Do these boxes come monthly?

    • Jada April 11, 2017 11.46 am

      Thank you for reading. You can get it weekly, every other week, or monthly.

  • sonali jain April 11, 2017 11.50 am

    never heard of this service before, looks amazing . 🙂


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